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The Problem:

Achieve of Central Virginia, a company celebrating 60 years in operation, faced a significant challenge. They were undergoing a rebranding and updating their website and social media presence. Their key problem was the need for high-quality stock photos and videos that not only showcased their services and facilities but also emphasized their commitment to caring for special needs adults. They wanted these visuals to align with their new brand identity and be adaptable for ongoing use across various marketing channels.

The Solution:

At LT Creative, we approached Achieve of Central Virginia's challenge with a creative and strategic mindset. Our solution was to deliver an exceptional range of high-quality media content, setting them apart from the competition. Here's how we did it:

  1.  Unique Photo Styles: Rather than using standard stock images, we designed a set of distinctive photo styles, with a focus on portraying the special needs adults that Achieve serves. What set us apart was our ability to incorporate Achieve's brand color, a dark blue, into the backgrounds. This not only reinforced their new brand identity but also highlighted the people and the care Achieve provides.

  2. Efficient Video Production: We took a unique approach to video creation. Instead of producing one long video, we shot content in segments that could be used as shorter, more engaging social media-friendly videos. This approach maximized Achieve's investment in video production by providing a variety of content pieces that could be distributed across multiple platforms.


Results: By implementing these distinctive and innovative strategies, LT Creative not only met but exceeded Achieve of Central Virginia's expectations. Our approach allowed Achieve to effectively rebrand and refresh their online presence, highlighting their dedication to special needs adults and showcasing their 60 years of commitment to the community. The unique photo styles and efficient video production methods set Achieve apart in the media landscape, leaving a lasting impression on their audience. Our work allowed them to connect with their community on a deeper level and emphasize the care and compassion that defines their organization.

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