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The Problem:

Agria, a cutting-edge vertical farming agtech company, wanted to present its environmentally friendly and healthy food approach to investors. They needed a concise, attention-grabbing 30-second video pitch to convey their mission and attract investor interest. Furthermore, Agria required a comprehensive package for social media content, including 30 videos and stock photos for their website, pamphlets, and social media platforms.

The Solution:

At LT Creative, we took an integrated approach to meet Agria's comprehensive needs:

  1. 30-Second Investor Pitch Video: We crafted a 30-second pitch video that not only encapsulated Agria's mission but also presented a documentary-style approach. This approach allowed us to portray Agria's story with transparency and authenticity, resonating with potential investors.

  2. Social Media Content Package: In creating the social media video package, we extended the documentary-style approach to the content. Our videos showcased Agria's journey with a real, behind-the-scenes feel. This not only educated their audience but also built trust and a sense of connection with the brand. The result was a substantial growth in Agria's social media following, from 1,000 to an impressive 18,000 followers within six months.

  3. Custom Timelapses: To further enrich their content library, we designed custom timelapses capturing the growth of Agria's plants over several months. These timelapses were perfect for repurposing across their website and social media platforms, illustrating the beauty of sustainable farming practices and showcasing the ongoing nature of their environmentally conscious approach.


Our solutions led to tangible results for Agria. The concise investor pitch video effectively conveyed their mission, attracting interest from potential investors. The package of social media videos significantly boosted their online presence and follower count. Additionally, the stock photos provided versatile visuals to support their messaging across various platforms.

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