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Let LT Creative manage your social media accounts with our professional service. Our team creates high-quality branded content. We don't create just traditional marketing content - we create story driven media that shows customers your unique story. With affordable solutions, we help our clients reach millions of viewers and build targeted communities.

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Maranatha Farms is a new farm located in Forest, Virginia. It started with zero followers, and we rapidly grew the account to over 8,000 followers on instagram, 15k on tiktok, and almost 1k on Facebook. Additionally, we reached over 850,000 people in a single month on instagram alone. By targeting Maranatha's ideal customers, we successfully built a community of like-minded individuals who were eager to purchase Maranatha's products upon launch. 

Agria is an agriculture technology company located in Lynchburg, Virginia. In just the first few months of posting, we successfully reached over 80,000 individuals and grew the account's following to over 2,000. Our primary objective was to educate the public on the unique aspects of the Agria system while also advertising investment opportunities in the start-up company. In addition, we provided training to Agria employees on how to create compelling content. This allowed for consistent daily updates while still maintaining high-quality content standards. 

CSE is a crane and steel company that operates throughout the entire East Coast. Our team creates posts that showcase their projects in an engaging and entertaining manner. In addition, we have successfully expanded the reach of their online hiring efforts through effective online advertising.

White Hart is a café and coffee shop situated in downtown Lynchburg. The business places great emphasis on community involvement and prides itself on being more than just a coffee shop, with its Small Batch Kitchen serving food throughout the day. Our team created a distinctive "documentary-style" video series that showcases all aspects of the business in a concise, talking-head format. By embracing the unique culture of White Hart and highlighting its differences from other coffee shops, we have been able to create a strong brand identity.

Day and Night is a recently opened club located in downtown Lynchburg. With a focus on showcasing its fun and lively atmosphere, our team created engaging videos and photos that truly captured the essence of the club. Through our effective advertising, the grand opening was a tremendous success, with long lines forming outside the club.

We Manage Your Accounts!

We offer social media management services that go beyond just content creation. We can manage your page from start to finish, including scheduling posts, responding to comments, and building a community of like-minded individuals. Our services create a stress-free way to grow your sales and marketing efforts. We focus on community building to foster long-term relationships with your audience and turn them into loyal customers. Let us handle the day-to-day tasks of social media management so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your brand on social media.

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